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Nov 26, 2019

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thank you for joining me in this pursuit of making learning fun and forever.

When I look back, I only have hazy memories of the kind of student I was. I don’t think I could slot myself into one of the categories that we tend to class students into. Was I studious, a trouble-maker or was I unnoticed?

Coming from a modest background, one thing was sure, my education was focused on the practicalities of the future.

Eventually, the many turns that my life took – the rights, the lefts, the U-turns and (more frequently) the going in circles – taught me many lessons. But what always made learning interesting for me was not the process of learning, but knowing the purpose of it. Application-oriented learning is what kept the interest alive.

It is often said that a teacher is responsible for creating interest in his/her students. But it is also usually difficult to engage today’s students, especially with their lackadaisical attitude. Going to a psychologist has become the new norm for the current generation.

How does the teacher stay relevant then?

The answer has always been simple. To make the student reach your standard, first take a few steps towards his/her level and then handhold them to your level. Being a fellow trainer, I know that it is easier said than done.

Growing up, I was lucky to have had a few truly exceptional teachers. They triggered in me a sense of inquiry, which served me well in my later pursuits. Fortunate are those students who get to be mentored by such exceptional teachers.

I’ve come across many such terrific teachers (present company included) in recent times who make an effort to stay connected with their students. The logic, they say, is when students connect with them, they tend to pay attention and that’s when teaching, and for that matter learning, become impactful.

Putting ourselves in the place of our students, by reflecting on our own experiences as students, will allow us to develop an empathetic approach to teaching. We will be able to look at things from our students’ perspective and relate more effectively to their learning challenges. If we could do this in every session that we teach, we would surely have made a difference the cohort.

What then, drives a teacher? I can think of only one word. Passion. The passion to make learning effective. The passion to instigate in their students and sense of reflection about their learning experiences. The passion to make learning a personalised experience.

Another overrated idea is that “we” should come before “me”. I believe, however, that the “me” leads to the “we”. I read in an article a few years ago, that the 10 most important 2-lettered words are “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

I for one, am glad that my learning never stopped and I’m taking my first step towards making learning as personalised as possible.

Join the revolution, let’s make teaching relevant. By doing that we are bound to make learning fun and forever.

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