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Importance of Career Planning

Nov 17, 2018

Many students take the life as it comes and therefore end up in careers that either do not suit them or become burdensome after few years of working. Neither do all the parents have an idea of possible career options for their children based on their children’s interests.

The traditional career that most students growing up know is either an Engineer or a Doctor or a job in government services. While these are good careers to pursue, there are wide opportunities in various sectors in today’s world.
However, the challenge that most students have is access / awareness to information pertaining to different career options aligned to their interests.

The responsibility lies with the parents, teachers and other people in the society who influence these students to pursue right career options which they enjoy and therefore lead a happy and successful life.

Role of Parents – Parents are the first source of inspiration, information and mentoring to the children and therefore make a huge impact on their children’s future. Parents who want their children to have a successful life need to inculcate right habits including reading, writing and sportsother than the interests that their children pick up from peers or from their surroundings. And as the children grow up, parents have the responsibility to help nurture these interests to explore possible career options aligned to the children’s interests.

Role of Teachers – Teachers are the knowledge sources and have a great impact on the students as well. Students look up to their teachers to give the best knowledge on various subjects while helping students understand the real world applications of concepts being learnt. While doing so, students constantly observe, internalise and develop interest in various aspects of their studies. Teachers need to observe students behaviour, understand their interests and groom the students to become successful in the areas of their interest.

Students Role – Once the students know about different career options and discover their own strengths, it would help if they make an actionable plan and adhere to it strictly to plan and lead a successful career.

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