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Team Work

Nov 17, 2018

#TeamSpirit #PlayTogether

Not that I’m a great fan of the game, but b’cos in India it’s a religion in itself, I’m explaining this through a reference to cricket.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar needs no introduction. He had stolen the hearts of the billions. He is considered the most magnificent batsman of all times. He had put in tremendous (and tireless) efforts in his long innings of 24 years. He had even taken wickets equivalent to some of the bowlers. And, make no mistake, some of his straight-bat sixers of Shane Warne, will always be a thrill to watch. In spite of his brilliance, he had to wait quite a while to get a hold of the elusive World Cup. With such a superstar in the team, shouldn’t we have won the cup much earlier, say in 1992, 96, or 99?

AB de Villiers is another gentleman of the game. There is no doubt about the caliber of ABD. It’s just awesome to watch him play. When he is around, there is an aura of positivism. So much of energy to make the team come together. He’s been in the game for over 13 years. He is a force to reckon with, yet South Africa has never won the World Cup, or for that matter RCB has not won the IPL. But his mere presence in the team motivates the team and peps them up.

Coming to my point, while there are legends and superstars, it does not guarantee success to the teams (or organizations). What matters is how the team comes together and performs as a unit.

While the world sees the likes of Sachins, ABDs, MSDs, Pontings, and Virats, the heart that keeps working to make it happen on the big stage, is the tireless efforts of the entire team (including those of these legends). Not just the playing 11 (or 12!) or the coaches and physicians, it all comes down to the fact that the unit should come together with a single agenda… play together… b’cos success is a result of all those efforts.

I’m, most certainly, not demeaning or marginalizing the roles of all these legends; without them there is no motivation or the drive for the team. We need those awesome legends/CEOs/Presidents, to whom we can look up to and draw inspiration. Probably that’s what the great mentors, like the Tatas, Ambanis, Patels, Smiths of the world, contribute to the success of their org.

And yet, it’s the team that really pulls it together to make it count.

Be a team player and be good at it.

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